KCM is inviting you to contribute your opinions, memorandum, concerns, and comments on the Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) and proposed regulations under the Mining Act of 2016.

The regulatory landscape plays a crucial role in defining the parameters within which our industry operates. As stakeholders, your perspectives must be heard and considered during this regulatory review process. Your input can help ensure that the proposed amendments  to the following regulations align with the needs, challenges, and aspirations of our diverse mining sector:

1. Gemstone Identification and Value Addition fees,
2. License and Permit Amendment,
3. Dealings in minerals amendment,
4. Mine Support Services Amendment
5. Royalty collection and Management Amendment

The proposed regulations are highlighted above.

How to Contribute:
We encourage you to submit your thoughts and feedback on the RIS and proposed regulations through the following channels:

1. Social Media Platforms: Visit our dedicated online platforms such as X, LinkedIn, and Whats App community to submit your opinions conveniently.

2. Email Submission: Send your memorandum, concerns, and comments to admin@kenyachamberofmines.com with the subject line “Mining Act Regulations Feedback.”

3. In-Person Meetings:  we are open to scheduling one-on-one or group meetings to discuss your input. Please contact us at +254-711533085 or via info@kenyachamberofmines.com to arrange a meeting.

Important Dates:
To ensure that your input is considered during the review process, please submit your feedback by 12th February 2024. This will give us ample time to compile and present a comprehensive memorandum of our members’ perspectives.

Your opinions will contribute to a collective representation of our membership’s views, ensuring that the regulations reflect the industry’s diverse needs, guide policymakers in making informed decisions, and strengthen our collaborative voice in advocating for a regulatory framework that promotes our economic prosperity and sustainable mining practices.

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