Kenya Chamber of Mines Objectives

1. Legal: Policy Advocacy and Lobbying

The primary purpose of the Kenya Chamber of Mines is to promote, oppose and influence legislative or any other measures members’ interest or that has direct effect on the mining sector. The chamber makes continuous efforts to work with government to create a conducive policy and legislative environment that facilitates the development of the industry.

Key Activities:

  1. Presentation of member’s collective views on matters of interest to them on the laws governing all aspects of the mining industry to the State Department of Mining, National and County governments.
  2. Coordinating efforts to amend the Kenya Mining Act of 2016, establish a Kenya Country Mining Vision, ratification of the AMDC by Kenya and formalization of the ASM sector in Kenya.
  3. Leveraging strategic partnerships with local and international organizations / bodies that support diverse activities across the mineral value chain.
  4. Represent members of the council in national, regional and international mining forums.
  5. Partnering with government to manage illegal mining and exportation of minerals from Kenya.


2. Education: Innovation, Research and Skills Development

KCM’s objective is to create an environment that enables the mining sector to have an availability of skilled professional making up its labor force. By working with tertiary institutions, vocational schools, capacity building for ASM, technical skills trainings, and supporting the sharing of ideas though workshops, forums and conferences we hope to establish a workforce that can sustain the needs of a globally competitive mining industry.

Key Activities

  1. Participate and influence a tertiary education and training system that consistently delivers sufficient number of graduates and skilled individuals to the sector.
  2. Hosting, in partnership with government and other relevant organizations, mining forums, conferences, workshops, and multi stakeholder platforms to facilitate the sharing of information amongst industry players.
  3. Supporting technology, research and innovation for a modern mining sector.
  4. Contributing to the development of in house certification courses that will result in the implementation of adult education and training, and foundational learning competence programmes, raising the skills base in the mining industry particularly for ASM in Kenya.
  5. Dissemination of reports, studies, policies, and new findings in the sector to KCM members.


3. Community; Mining Professionals and Communities

The Kenya Chamber of Mines addresses the needs of mining professionals and communities to ensure safe and fair conditions for mining professionals as well as the communities affected by mining practices. We cater for  the needs of mining professionals supporting career advancement, employment relations and labor market issues. It our objective to support mining communities by ensuring they are well represented and do not only experience the negative effects of a robust industry. KCM supports it members in their accountability to the community and their employees.

Key Activities

  1. Career advancement through networking forums, in house certification, advisory, mentorship and business opportunities that are available to our members.
  2. Occupational Health and Safety trainings for professionals, ASM and mining communities.
  3. Supporting initiatives by other mining organizations and associations that are geared towards inclusivity in the sector, particularly for women, youth and marginalized groups.
  4. Work with members in the development and promotion of sound and proactive community relationships and encouraging members to adopt inclusive approaches in earning and retaining their social license to operate.
  5. Policy advocacy and lobbying for the implementation of a fiscal regime that benefits mining communities.


4. Advisory: Technical consultancy for Sustainable Mining

To ensure the advancement of a sustainable Mining sector in Kenya, we support members by offering advisory on exploration, development and mine closure. Technical support offered to members and potential investors in the form of shared databases, geological data, connection to government resources, consultancies and impact assessments are geared towards the proper management of our natural resources.

Key Activities

  1. Advisory for members and investors on exploration, geology of Kenya, impact assessments, mine closure and rehabilitation, environmental conservation, technological advancements, safety practices and optimization of operations for productivity in the mines.
  2. Support junior mining companies (companies in the exploration stage) to advance into major mining companies.
  3. Consolidation of all relevant information pertaining to mining in Kenya and dissemination to members and potential investors.
  4. Connecting members and investors to relevant government parastatals, service providers and consultants in the fields of geology, survey, mining equipment, service industry and legal.


5. Economics: Mineral Economics and Licensing

KCM provides informed opinions on matters relating to investment in the mining industry and issues with an economic impact to the sector. We aim to lobby for the lifting of the moratorium, establishment of a fiscal regime that encourages investment in the sector, the economic prosperity of members, equitable distribution of royalties with mining communities and a positive turnaround of the industry’s contribution to the county’s GDP.

Key Activities

  1. Engaging with regional, local and international mining stakeholders to create business opportunities for our members by encouraging investment in mining.
  2. Advisory on the process of acquiring mineral and dealership license.
  3. Providing access to markets for Artisanal and small scale miners.
  4. Support and advisory to members and government on issues like marketing, specifications and uses of minerals, inventory of mineral resources, mining leases and taxation policies.