Mr. Elias Zahoor, a distinguished jeweller and gemologist with over 25 years of experience, is the esteemed owner of Facets Jewelry in Nairobi, Kenya. Renowned for his extensive knowledge and expertise, Mr. Zahoor has been a pivotal figure in the jewelry sector, shaping its growth and development both locally and internationally. His journey in the world of gemstones and fine jewelry began with a deep passion for the art of crafting exquisite pieces, a passion that has only grown stronger over the years.

Mr. Zahoor's expertise is not confined to his own business. As a respected board member of the Kenya Chamber of Mines and the representative for jewellers across the country, he plays a crucial role in advocating for the industry. His involvement ensures that the voices of jewelers are heard, and their interests are safeguarded. Additionally, his active participation as a key member of the Kenya Jewellers Association highlights his dedication to fostering a collaborative and progressive environment within the sector.

His vision extends beyond business success; Mr. Zahoor is passionately committed to establishing Kenya as a premier gemstone and jewelry hub. He believes in nurturing the next generation of jewelers through apprenticeship programs, providing young talents with the skills and opportunities they need to thrive. His advocacy for streamlined policies aims to create a more efficient and beneficial framework for all stakeholders in the jewelry industry.

At Facets Jewelry, Mr. Zahoor's dedication to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every piece, reflecting his profound understanding of gemstones and jewelry design. Each creation tells a story of elegance and meticulous attention to detail, embodying the rich heritage of Kenyan gemstones. His commitment to excellence ensures that every customer receives a piece that is not only beautiful but also of the highest standard.

Mr. Zahoor's influence and contributions have not only elevated Facets Jewelry but also significantly impacted the wider jewelry industry in Kenya. His work has garnered respect and admiration from peers and clients alike, making him a leading figure in the field. Through his relentless efforts, Mr. Zahoor continues to inspire, innovate, and drive the jewelry sector towards a bright and prosperous future.